Have You Checked Your Compass Lately?

In honor of Compass Consulting’s 5-year anniversary and launch of our new website, we’ve compiled facts about Compass Consulting, celebrating five years of helping global business leaders thrive, and quick facts about the Compass, first used more than 2,000 years ago.

Setting Direction in Global Leadership Development

You’ll soon see why, five years ago, I launched a consulting practice in executive coaching and global leadership development with the name of Compass Consulting.

My basic concept for the Compass Global Coaching Consortium: Success in global business leadership requires a smart global strategy and great local execution.

My first step was to pull together a team of seasoned executive coaches, experienced in specific industries and savvy about business and local customs in their regions. Today the Compass Global Coaching Consortium includes 20 primary coaches in the North America and 11 global alliances around the world. The Consortium meets annually, and more frequently online, to share stories and develop our practice.

Five years later, Compass Consulting and our flagship product, Launch & Land, have helped more than 400 leaders to cultivate the personal, cultural and professional competencies they need to grow and lead successfully, whether in a new role in their organization or in a new part of the world.

  • We’re skilled at working with high intellect, fast growing companies that need to foster successful global leaders and business strategies, often at ‘warp speed’.
  • We have coached leaders across the USA; in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada; in Geneva, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Milan in the EU; Shanghai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Asia; and Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico City in South America.
  • We have developed unique coaching products like Launch & Land™, designed to ensure the success of a company’s global business strategy and leaders. 
  • Our focus on goal setting and evaluation has resulted in consistently excellent evaluations at the close of our engagements. Our coaching clients tell us that their work with us has caused them to reflect, act and lead in new ways, and has resulted in better decision-making. 

Compass Quick Facts

  • The magnetic compass came into use in China around 206 BC. It was first used for “divination” or fortune telling, and to strategically place buildings and other sites (think feng shui). It was used for navigation much later—sometime between the 9th and 11th century.
  • Along with gunpowder, papermaking and printing, the compass is considered one of the “four great inventions” of ancient China, celebrated for their impact on the development of civilization. 
  • A magnetic compass points to “magnetic north” using a needle that aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field. Navigation maps usually show direction in terms of “true North” however—toward the North Pole and axis of the Earth’s rotation. 
  • A compass can be confused by other magnetic fields around it, natural and man-made. It also can make mistakes when speeding up or slowing down, for example in an airplane or car.
  • Different from a magnetic compass, a “GPS” compass points toward true North, and so is not affected by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. It needs access to a satellite to work, however.


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