Assessment For Development

360° feedback is powerful! It is a method of systematically collecting robust data about leadership style from multiple perspectives. These tools answer the question of what’s working and not working about a person’s leadership approach and what the leader can do to enhance effectiveness. This feedback enables leaders to focus on the strengths that matter as well as the patterns of behavior that limit the full expression of those strengths. Through compelling insights from the 360° process, leaders create a workable action plan based on their developmental priorities.


360’s for Development
A thorough feedback activity with online tools and pre-selected questions to take stock of strengths, developmental areas, and career goals resulting in data to help leaders grow more quickly in the direction they seek. Compass provides a safe haven for a review of all aspects of a profession through this 360O.

Senior 360’s
A thought-provoking process involving individual interviews and online tools to form a robust feedback, providing the “pause” a leader needs to accelerate toward an even more fulfilling future. Often used with leaders who are new in role or contemplating a new role.

Executive 360’s
Use of a wide variety of online self and 360 tools, this process provides a deep understanding of what is working and what needs changing in a senior leader. This approach is often used with executives who may need a re-boot.