Evaluation And Measurement

Systemic Approach

An essential aspect of our work with you is to gauge what success will look like as we initiate the relationship and engagement. We have “systems” methods developed over five years that provide thoroughness with flexibility.

Client Manager

We have an “account lead” for every relationship so that we factor in your organization’s goals as well as the goals of the individual we are coaching.

Rigorous Goal Setting

Goal setting is critical to a sound coach/consulting process and we craft goals with you that are tangible and measurable. A sample goal-setting form is available below.

Thorough Review Process and Evaluation

Our results have been excellent over the past five years and more than 400 engagements. On a scale of 1.0 (poor) to 5.0 (excellent) our overall ratings are at 4.3. Fill out the form below for a sample evaluation form.

Sample Goal and Evaluation Form

Fill the form below to Download: