What We Do

Compass Consulting provides guidance to help companies achieve more value from their corporate coaching. We resource coaches globally in a manner tailored to client needs. We also offer reporting and billing and evaluate outcomes so that results are more sustainable. Through these services, we save time and money for all involved, deliver consistency, and support corporate coaching success.

Our Approach

Compass Consulting is an innovator in global leadership development and coaching. Our global approach to coaching and leadership development supports corporations in fostering leaders who thrive and succeed across cultural and global boundaries. Our proprietary approach to global coaching offers an integrated service delivery model that includes both a client manager and carefully selected coaches appropriate to the client’s cultural environment and business needs. Our sustainable systems for client support and coaching ensure better outcomes and higher quality.

Global Approach to Leadership Development and Coaching

  • What is global coaching in a corporate context? When and how is it effective?
  • Who gets coaching? Links to succession?
  • Where your leaders are located; in what ways are their roles “global?”
  • Rigorous vetting of coaches
  • Clear process and tools
  • Supervision for each engagement
  • Pricing structure and monthly reporting
  • Account manager structure for ease of communication and knowledge transfer
  • Clarity on confidentiality
  • Flexible approaches to meet your needs
  • Significant business experience
  • Minimum of ten years coaching
  • Exemplary “focus” and listening skill
  • Excellent coach and client evaluations
  • Multi-degreed and often multi-lingual
  • Committed to fostering a coaching culture and to continuous learning
  • Ongoing global focus
  • Systematic and proprietary coaching methods
  • Thorough evaluation processes
  • Client manager and coach for all engagements
  • Team approach to launch coaching projects effectively
  • Monthly reports
  • Billing and reporting centralized